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This service is supplied by WebLogistix ("WebLogistix") or WebLogistix's authorised distributor for using WebLogistix's communication services and protected by copyright. Before using this service, you are advised to read the terms hereof carefully. If you do not agree to the terms hereof, please do not access or use this service. Once you have begun using or accessing this service, you will be deemed to have accepted and will be bound by the terms hereof. WebLogistix reserves its absolute right to from time to time terminate or amend the terms of this licence.

Use of Software

This service may be used only by any person who has registered as a subscriber to WebLogistix's communication services and paid the appropriate fees (Subscriber"). This service may be used only for the purposes of and incidental to using WebLogistix's communication services. The signing of electronic messages using this service may only be performed by any individual authorized by a Subscriber, whose particulars have been given to WebLogistix and who has a personalised security key acceptable to WebLogistix. Once you cease to be a Subscriber, this licence shall terminate immediately. You may not sell or otherwise dispose of this service in favour of any third party without WebLogistix's prior written permission.


Save and except any components licensed by third party software developers, the copyright to this service and the copyright to all of the accompanying literature are WebLogistix's sole and exclusive property of and hereby reserved by WebLogistix. No part of this software or the accompanying literature in its original electronic, copied or adapted form may be copied, issued to the public, rented to the public, made available to the public, shown or played in public, broadcast or included in a cable programme service or adapted in any form or by any means, manual, electronic, mechanical or otherwise, without WebLogistix's prior written permission unless otherwise authorise or permitted by law. Possession of, dealing with and providing means for making any infringing copy of such protected information are also prohibited. Any person who infringes copyright will risk criminal and civil sanctions.

Grant of Licence

Each Subscriber may access the communication services platform set up by WeLogistix through the Internet or by an internal local area network. No copies of any part of the software or of the pages and programs as are available through the Internet may be made for any purpose whatsoever. For the avoidance of doubt, no copy of this software may be made or transferred for the use of any third party .

Third parties components

This software has integrated some components independently developed by third parties. WebLogistix has been granted licence to operate those components for the use by subscribers as part of this software. The use of those components by each subscriber is subject to the following conditions:-

  1. The sub-licence shall be revoked in the event WebLogistix's licence to those components is terminated;
  2. Each subscriber may only use this Software in accordance with the documentation and the normal operating procedures from time to time notified to WebLogistix by the third party software developer;
  3. Save and except expressly stated herein, no warranty is given by WebLogistix or the third party software developer in respect of those components.

WebLogistix warrants to the Subscriber that this software will perform substantially in accordance with the features and specifications listed for the service of which this software is an integral part, and set out in the accompanying literature, for a period of six months from his receipt thereof. Any Subscriber who has experienced any problem with this service is advised to report the problem via WebLogistix's Customer Service Hotline soonest and proof of paid up subscription may be required before any claim under this warranty is entertained. This warranty will be void if there has been a breach hereof or if the problem results from abuse or misapplication of this service without fault on WebLogistix's part or accident beyond the reasonable control of WebLogistix.


Neither WebLogistix nor its distributors shall be liable for damages or otherwise in respect of any physical or consequential loss or damage whatsoever arising from the use of this service, provided that in the event of failure of this service to perform in accordance with the listed specifications and within the warranty period WebLogistix's liability will be strictly confined to correction of error or rectification of records or refund of the paid subscription price for the corresponding period.
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