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This company has been formed with the needs of logistics operators and supply chain managers of industrial companies in mind.

We provide an Internet enabled service that you buy on a subscription + pay-per-use basis. In this way Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is reduced, whereas scalability provides quick deployment to all operators in any location.

Based upon in-depth meshing of your information processes to your transportation, warehousing and distribution suppliers, this company helps you integrate them into your operations. We know how important it is to be able to measure quality of service and prevent exceptions from happening ahead of time.

Our head office is in Brussels. Our back office and the development staff are located in Argentina.

We have experts with decades of experience in both logistics and information technology. Having solved regularly all types of problems from simple cases to complex, multi-tiered logistic organizations, we are able to immediately concentrate on the real issues and help you with applicable and low-cost proposals.

Our experience is both academic and international. We know that today's organization simply cannot just hold within national boundaries. Hence, our vision encompasses all kinds of examples in other countries both near and distant. This helps to compare unfamiliar aspects to other examples and extract the commonness which will make a solution applicable.

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