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Posted 11/12/2006 | by Edgardo Ladrón de Guevara

WebLogistix for Carrier

performance measurement

Detailed Carrier Performance Tools:


WebLogistix Supply Chain Intelligence Carrier Performance

Whether you're a carrier, a manufacturer or an outsourcing logistics provider, to build a better business you need fast, accurate access to transportation and inventory information. You need a scorecard for performance you can use to better manage your business. WebLogistix SCI gives you the insight you need to understand exactly how effectively you or your carriers are making deliveries - and the true costs of that service. We take the guesswork out of analyzing detailed carrier and product data to help you:

 maximize customer service levels
 reduce inventory carrying costs
 strengthen profitability
 enable continuous process improvement 

With our on-line real-time reports, you are able to monitor all your key performance indicators at less cost and can take corrective measures or give assurances to your customers.

This set of tools allows more control over contract compliance with goals and targets.

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