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Posted 25/11/2005 | by Edgardo Ladrón de Guevara

WebLogstix for SAP Transport Automation

Detailed Solution Report Tools:

How important is your SAP® system?
What is your business process for managing constant transport traffic?
How automated is this transport business process?
How compliant are you with Sarbanes-Oxley standards?

WebLogistix LINK is an ABAP tool designed to automate the transport management process within SAP R/3, BW, APO, CRM, and other SAP® environments. It enables companies to consolidate data, reduce operating costs, mitigate downtime risk and achieve compliance with new regulations. Plus, WebLogistix LINK users have the unique ability to protect their SAP environment from faulty transports - due to the ability to undo or rollback any transport.

WebLogistix consists of three main areas of functionality:
- Transport Management
- Client Information
- Transport Document edition
- Transport Reporting
- Transporter Benchmarking

Everyone on your team can benefit by automating your SAP transport management process. Specifically, the following SAP team members can gain numerous benefits:

- Administrators (Basis)
- IT Management
- Functional Team
- Developers
- End Users

Need Help With Sarbanes-Oxley Act, Section 404?

WebLogistix providse the business perspective around accountability surrounding your SAP transport management controls. Today, auditors require a secure audit trail of every system change and approval record, including business owners. Paper audit trails of historical data are no longer acceptable. Last year's procedures won't work for this year's new regulations. Is your company compliant? Call us today and set up a demo for we can show you WebLogistix's reporting functionality.

Product Summary
Mode of Delivery: Internet Provided Application
Linking Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems

Distinguishing Features: Listed below is a highlight of the advanced features of WebLogistix. To gain a better understanding of the full power of WebLogistix, we recommend contacting us to schedule a demonstration.

An end-to-end transport management tool with configurable notifications for every action. WebLogistix automates transport approvals, imports, error handling and reporting throughout your SAP landscape.

Highlights include:
- Automated Approval Hierarchy
- Authorization Matrix for Granting User accessPermissions
- Transport results notification
- Critical event monitoring
- Real time transporter performance monitoring
- Transport Documents Checking
- Regulatory compliance checking
- Database Functionality

WebLogistix LINK functionality supplements SAP's offerings by enabling outside users to provide data and events seamlessly in real-time to SAP. This functionality allows inside users to retrieve information of a transport request or transport assignment directly from SAP as if it had been in SAP from the origin, instead of from third-party software.

WebLogistix provides users with the ability to generate reports showing transporter or customer performance indicators, like trucks assigned over trucks solicited, percentage of on-time deliveries per customer or transporter. The contents of this report can be saved for future reference or updating.

WebLogistix is equipped with reporting capabilities that provide extensive information on current and past transport activities. By leveraging data that already exists in SAP, users no longer have to manually review transport logs or manage endless and disparate spreadsheets.

Highlights of the reporting functionality:
- Transport Order Number
- Transported Solicited By
- Transport Released By
- Transport Approved By
- Transport Destination
- Cargo Description
- Intermediate DC Involved
- Clients Involved
- Return Codes from Transporter
- All Relevant Dates & Times
- Compare Transport Performance Indicators and many more…

Plus, there is no need to purchase and install additional software or hardware to be able to use WebLogistix. It works within your current SAP environment.

Target business size: 2000+

Pricing details: Subscription + pay-per-use
Please E-Mail us for more information.

Operating Environment :
Operating Systems Supported: Solaris/Sun OS
Windows XP/2000/NT

WebLogistix operates on any ERP or system. There is no need to purchase and install additional software or hardware. It works within your current SAP environment.
Databases Supported:
Microsoft SQL Server
Notes: WebLogistix communicates with any database with SAP.
Middleware Supported: (Not Applicable)

Implementation, Training, and Support
Implementation Description: IT Provider assistance in configuration

Training Description: Some training recommended - some training from the Company may be helpful.

Support Description: Telephone support - calls can be placed directly to a support staff.
On-site support - a representative from the company can come to the customer site.
Web site support - product support questions, knowledgebase, are available at the company Web site.
E-mail support - questions can be sent directly to a support staff for review.

Collateral and Market Research
Product URL: http://www.weblogistix.com/

Overview: WebLogistix Overview

ASP Information
Service Level Agreement (SLA) offering: Yes

Additional hardware or software requirements: No

General Information
Source code for this product is: Closed

Software customization options: Application modification can be provided by this company

Available Languages: English / French / Spanish

Is this software listed under GSA contract? No



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