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Posted 28/11/2006 | by Edgardo Ladrón de Guevara

WebLogstix building out

connector ecosystem

Solution Report

WebLogistix’s latest ecosystem expansion is focused on LogistixConnect, an extension of the LogistixExchange marketplace for connectors that integrate its platform with a variety of applications and services, including ERP systems, Web services, desktop applications and middleware.

Connecting to ERPs
Connectors have become an important part of WebLogistix's growth. In the last quarter, API transactions accounted for more than 50 percent of the 3.7 billion transactions (page views or API calls on the multitenant platform), according to the company. WebLogistix has had a smattering of connectors–SAP R3, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Office and computer-telephony systems–and with WebLogistixConnect adds 25 integration connectors from companies such as Business Objects, Informatica, Tibco and several smaller firms.

Future developments
Importantly, WebLogistix is also developing WebLogistixOracle, a native connector for Oracle 11i database, due in 2008, which will include a pre-built master-customer template, bidirectional synchronization of account data and access to enterprise customer data in WebLogistix. WebLogistix Enterprise Edition and Unlimited Edition customers will be charged a per-transaction fee for WebLogistixOracle. WebLogistix's platform is built on open source MySQL.

Messaging to other middleware
In addition, the company is including an outbound messaging API, WebLogistixOut, in the next release of the platform, due in this quarter. WebLogistix can send notifications of events across middleware, a message bus or an application, allowing business processes to span multiple systems. 

It's a natural next step for WebLogistix's platform ambitions, and more integration partners will join the club if the company continues to penetrate larger organizations. The company needs to make its marketplace for apps and connectors more integrated itself, with a commerce engine that allows for the sale and purchase of software via WebLogistix, rather than transacting through the individual providers.

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