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WebLogistix touts new supply chain management solution

Brussels — October 12, 2008 — WebLogistix is offering its Supply Collaboration/Lean Replenishment solution, which it said is designed for companies faced with collaboration challenges brought on by multiple supply networks of different sizes and geographical locations. WebLogistix expects the software to manage supplier interactions irrespective of supplier size, relationship or technical sophistication.

Globalization has spawned many challenges for companies using suppliers from around the world, WebLogistix said. These suppliers can range from multi-national corporations to smaller regional vendors, and may be located in a variety of geographical locations. As a result, companies find that they are facing difficulties, including poor inbound supply visibility, inability to match demand and supply, incomplete or nonexistent supplier performance data, and dealing with multiple communication channels with suppliers, among other things.

These difficulties can translate into high inventory costs and poor customer service level performance. The problems become magnified when companies face pressure to "go lean" in their supply strategies.

WebLogistix said that its solution is designed to manage multiple replenishment modes, including lean supply strategies across customers' supplier base.

It is also designed to help companies implement and automate lean supply processes such as vendor-managed inventory (VMI), pull-based (Kanban) replenishment, and other just-in-time (JIT) programs. Finally, the solution is designed to allow companies to enhance visibility within their supply base. It can enforce process discipline through business rules and allow visibility and quality management.

One industrial manufacturer is using WebLogistix solutions in one of its divisions to streamline the value chain through the integration of carriers and logistic service providers and optimization of the order-to-deliver process.

During the implementation process, the WebLogistix customer identified a number of improvement opportunities for both the company and its suppliers. It found that it needed better inbound supply visibility, quicker detection of problems and lower execution costs. Its suppliers sought more timely visibility of the company's production schedules, reduced schedule variability and more automated processes.

Through the deployment of the WebLogistix solution focused on supply collaboration/lean management the customer said it was able to establish a single method for transport planning and delivery for all of the division's suppliers, provide a complete and accurate picture of load availability, access unbiased supplier delivery measurements, assign premium freight responsibility prior to material shipment, more accurately measure schedule volatility and lead time elements such as transportation time and supplier response time, and reduce inventory across the supply chain.

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