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On Demand Communication between you and your logistic service providers

Send working orders to hauliers, monitor response, integrate all information as to transport execution. Control costs, control and supervise transport service quality and your quality of service to your customers through a third-party provider.

Web driven applications for which you pay "On Demand" guarantee you no up-front payment, a low TCO and no sunk investment.

We put in the hands of your operators the right information at the right time and ensure that both suppliers and clients have updated and correct information as to their orders, stock and work schedules.

By system-to-system connections we reduce manual data entry, and liberate your workforce to focus on problem solution rather than execution.

Others call it "End 2 end Supply chain Optimization" or even "e-fulfillment". You may find offers for "Advanced Planner and Organizer: APO Transportation Planning and Vehicle Scheduling". We prefer to call it step by step optimization of YOUR work processes.

We help you apply state of the art logistics management...

...by bringing a new eye and systematic approach to your specific problems and issues.

Our wide industrial experience coupled with the high standardisation of the logistics and transport industries enable us to bring to bear highly specialised management tools. We have honed them through years of both scientific research as well as practical industrial comon sense.

We never loose track of the fundamental objective: make it work, make it cheap, keep it simple and have everybody adopt it as their own.

How is it done?

Our platform can present the necessary information for your people to take decisions either through an Internet browser, or...
The data is delivered to your existing ERP system and the data is seamlessly integrated into the standard screens you have always used so that they can take decisions based upon data coming both from within your company AND from your supply chain partners!

Based on EPC Global specifications, the messages received from your partners have been re-formatted so as to comply with ebXML for maximum interoperability. These messages coming from all partners (carriers, freight forwarders, third party warehouses, or existing legacy software) are piped directly to your existing ERP without any need for customization.


What role for logistics as a management tool today? How do we make it work for YOU?

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