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Transportation Management services

Locally Dedicated, Globally Supported
Transmit proof-of-delivery records instantly to the shipper,
Know and manage truck and driver expenses,
Keep instant track of receipts, logs, invoices, load and unloading data,
Make that data available online to the shipper,

Whether you need Transportation Management, Intermodal and/or Truckload services, we can customize a logistics management program to fit your needs. WebLogistix's complete range of transportation management services provides a single point of control to assist you in meeting your objectives.

WebLogistix's advanced technology solutions, combined with our complete logistics package, represent our commitment to deliver operational excellence. We'll thoroughly analyze your logistics needs. Then upon completion of our analysis, we'll apply our technology solutions to reduce your costs while improving your operational efficiencies.

Additional Benefits of WebLogistix's Transportation Management Services:

 WebLogistix is a leader in road transport
 Contracts with over 600 truck fleet operators
 Locally dedicated and globally supported offices
 Complete knowledge of mode and carrier options
 Priority access to rail fleets
 State-of-the-art logistics technology
 Your source for total logistics
 Knowledge-Driven Logistics services


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