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How can WebLogistix help in pressing efficiency out of your supply chain and logistical operations?

WebLogistix contends that a well-constructed SLM environment is a significant corporate resource on three important levels:
  1. Strategic
  2. Operational
  3. Tactical

Bringing to bear vision from several angles:

  1. Strategic viewpoint
  2. Operational viewpoint
  3. Tactical viewpoint

Strategic angle

Helping management to take in the strategic role of the organization as a supply chain member: who are the suppliers, the clients, the departments in the organization connected with each. How are these departments working together to identify problem areas, strengths and weaknesses of existing information processes. How are responsibilities shared, decisions taken. How are evaluations done, to whom are they reported to.

Once this vision is established, and existing operations evaluated, a strategic logistic management framework can be drawn up that takes in the objectives pursued by top management.

Performance criteria are set up that reflect both the strategic vision and operations imperatives and constraints.

Operational angle

We help operations in putting this master framework into practice through direct field work. Performance monitoring is instrumentalized down to basic operation level. The information network sending information both and down the decision echelons is set up.

WebLogistix facilitates transport communication between shippers and freight carriers in Europe by allowing them to exchange information electronically, securely and in real time via its technology platform. Such exchanges are made possible by integrating the systems of the senders and the carriers with the WebLogistix platform. These systems include a variety of solutions ranging from advanced Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications to simple web browsers.

Among others:

 Providing a global corporate view of inventories in all locations and in-transit
 Informing top management on non standard executions, delays planning errors and costs
 Providing customers with order and inventory visibility as a value-added service for a competitive edge
 Allowing suppliers to manage raw materials inventories
 Giving suppliers advance knowledge of scheduled orders
 Insight into inventories held by suppliers, distributors and in-transit
 Providing accurate order fulfillment schedules to customers


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Tactical angle

Once the operational guidelines are in place, we involve ourselves in the day-to-day monitoring of operations. We give actors proper preliminary training. We help with acquiring  and reporting the performance measures. We ensure that the necessary changes and adaptations to the master plan are implemented. The results are:

 Eliminating emergency expediting — i.e., overnight airfreight shipments — to cover shortages, poor planning, or network disruptions
 Increasing client satisfaction
 Increasing predictability/dependability towards suppliers and carriers
 Proactive dealing of customer and supplier complaints
 Lowering supplier and carrier turnover

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