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The true benefits can only accrue to the organizations that do take the supply chain vision of their business. This means there are

No disruptions,
No information gaps between them and their suppliers or their customers.
Improved inbound and outbound processing
Increased inventory visibility at the pallet, case, tray, and item level

WebLogistix communication platform is the answer for companies looking to gain market share or defend their competitive advantage through improved, Internet-managed supply chain activities, including collaborative sales and operations planning across multiple channels inside and outside an organisation. Each component is designed for rapid deployment, so customers can easily integrate to existing ERP or legacy systems; replace or interface to another demand management, supply chain planning, production scheduling, warehouse or transportation management solution; or quickly conduct an initial implementation.

The entire WebLogistix Internet platform is based on a completely integrated database architecture that facilitates the transfer of data between WebLogistix and other applications.

Also, new performance- driven capabilities such as business activity monitoring and proactive alerts span the entire solution spectrum from demand planning through warehouse and transportation execution, enabling customers to have complete global visibility across their supply networks and capitalize on real-time insight into worldwide operations.

The benefits come in all sizes and aspects:

Develop visibility across the supply chain (less risk),
Reduce safety stocks,
Reduce lead times,
Increase carrier asset efficiency (better fleet usage),
Increase client satisfaction by effective order delivery information.

These benefits can be achieved because our work with our clients is more a matter of information processes and work procedures rather than hardware or software.

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