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Solve communication bottlenecks between you and your transport providers
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WebLogistix provides the technological solution to ensure total informational awareness across all the organization in logistical and supply management terms.

Weblogistix contends that a well-constructed Logistics environment is a significant corporate resource on three important levels:
  1. Strategic
  2. Tactical
  3. Operational

These information technology tools can connect into any ERP and bring into the same system information from suppliers, carriers as well as retailers and distributors. In a true supply chain vision, information can also be put on-line to clients' or LSPs' ERP systems so as to mesh completely in their own planning and resource management systems.

On-line platform

WebLogistix connects carriers and logistic service providers to shippers:

 calendar route and load scheduling available to both shipper and carrier
 digital paper flow
 electronic delivery confirmation
 step-by-step situation feedback on a per order basis
 performance monitoring
A software as a Service provider : a partner you can rely on
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