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  Why choose us?

Supply chain management is the new catch word. It is the promise of further efficiency and responsiveness. But nobody save the largest and most expensive consultancies has been able to assemble a truly satisfying, working, down-to-earth solution to your problems.

We do not sell Information Technology!

We sell integrated people, process and technology solutions that help employees to think differently, to act differently and so to participate in increasing efficiency, boost quality and service to customers.

We recognize that employee resistance is a major hurdle to process innovation and change, so we help you help them into positively accepting changes.

By choosing to do business with us, you are choosing :

 flexibility to adapt to your particular organization and constraints
 reactivity to your demands
 professional know-how tailored to your particular industrial sector
 Information Technology solutions you can rely on: secure and dependable
 scalability: any solution adopted on a pilot scale can be safely applied company wide

proximity: our teams are located near your own offices.

Ask for a presentation of our services: just ask us, spare us an hour and we will be delighted to oblige.

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  92210 1380
  Saint Cloud Lasne
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